Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still pram. Bali szezon.

                                              Still pram.

It's easy to have fun updating looks by mixing in shapes and textures. For your formal dance, take a look at your needs and personal style, don't go with the trend. Classic styles are always in vogue, but for the couple who wants to do something different, there are fabulous options in formal wear. This one has a unique feel and look, it definetly brings out the detail and accents of you.So get going, it is time for shopping, and don't forget to go and see what they have in the boutique of Chamonix in Rhinebeack. They have a wonderful selections of gowns and dresses for all ages.

                                                      Bali szezon.

Konnyu felujitani a ruhatarunkat ha keverunk szineket es formakat egyutt. A bali ruhahoz vedd figyelembe szemelyisegedet, es hogy mire van szukseged, ne menj a divat utan.. Klasszikus stilus mindig divatban van, de annak a parnak aki ki akar tunni a tobbi kozul, tomenytelen mennyisegben rendelkezesukre van a felhozatal. Ez is egy egyedi erzest es kulalakot ajanl, biztos kiemeli az egyenisegedet. Szoval itt az ido a vasarlasra, es ne felejtsetek szetnezni a Chamonix butiquban ami New York , Rhinebeack varosaban van. Bali ruhak minden korosztaly reszere, nagy valasztekban.   


Lisa said...

This dress reminds me of a mix of a ball and the old West :-) I think this fit would match almost all body types perfectly. I would buy this dress for maybe forest green :-) Great job!


Kathy said...

Lisa! Andrea from Hungary wish you good luck.
I love this dress, it's real fun.

Lisa said...

Please tell her thank you for me :-) It's times like these I wish I spoke more than English :-)