Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New trend, Uj divat

New trend

Through the years, we are always trying to look for something new in fashion to chase away the old and boring ways. We're starting a new trend in clothing almost every year, and there is not much left to discover. But what about bridal fashion? So here is a big chance to do something absolutely different! Usually the colors are limited to white and off white. Lets see, if the colored wedding gowns will became a fashion staple.
I had the opportunity to work on this dress, and I fell in love with it. The train is wonderfully created and formed, which gives a longer look to the body. The red parts are beaded all the way around and truly this simple dress doesn't need anything more in front, and the back has the biggest surprise of all. The owner of this dress asked me, if we can do something different to create a bustle, other then a traditional up to the waist heavy gathering. So after a while I came up with this solution. The whole bustle sits on 6 buttons, and 6 elastic loops, inside of the dress, which makes it very easy to work with . I think its nice, exiting, different, and exactly what the bride dreamed of! What do you think? Does this dress have a future?

Uj Divat!

Eveken keresztul keressuk az uj divatot hogy el tudjuk uzni a regit es az unottat. Probalunk minden evben valamit ujitani, de nem tul sok a lehetoseg . De mi van a menyasszonyi ruhakkal? Itt lehetnek otletek hogy valami ujjal probalkozzunk! A szinek feher es ecru kozott nem tul nagy a valasztasi lehetoseg. Most azzal probalkozunk, hogy be lehetne e lopni a piacra szines menyasszonyi ruhakat.
Volt lehetosegem, hogy dolgozzak ezen a kulonleges ruhan, es nagyon megtetszett. Az uszalya gyonyoruen van megtervezve, es a kivitelezese hosszitja a testet. A piros reszek gyonygyozve vannak korbe. Ennek az egyebkent egyszeru ruhanak semmi masra nincs szuksege, hiszen a hatulja tartogatja a legnagyobb meglepetest! A ruha tulajdonosa, kerdezte tolem, hogy tudnek e valami ujat kitalalni arra, hogy felrakjuk az uszalyt, a szokasos derekra felhuzott puff helyett? Egy ido utan ezt a megoldast javasoltam amit itt bemutatok. Ezt az egeszet 6 gomb, es 6 gumibol keszult gomblyuk tartja a ruha belsejeben. Nagyon egyszeruen mukodik. Ugy gondolom, hogy mutatos, kulonleges es teljesen olyan mint amirol a menyasszony almodott! Mit gondoltok? Van a ruhanak jovoje?


dee nixon said...

Well, well Kathy I had no idea what a creative genius my friend is!!! Your work is stunning..the beading is soooo beautiful(it must take hours? days?? weeks??? to creat such detail! I love the wedding dress with the bustle(makes me wish I was getting married again) of course to the same wonderful husband that I have now! I'll be checking your blog as often as I can. Good luck with it.
From Dee
Your favorite jewelry lady

Terike said...

Szerintem csoda szép! Valóban nagyon mutatós és különleges. Csodákat művelsz! Gratulálok!

DiKey said...

Dee my favorite jewelry lady! :))
Yes, you can get married to the same man twice!Just let us know the time and place!:))
Thank you for your wonderful compliment!
See you soon!

DiKey said...

Kedves Terike!
Koszonom szepen! Nagyon orultem, hogy dolgozhattam ezen a ruhan, valoban nem mindennapos egy darab volt!

milroyduo said...

Hi, I made it to the blog. I love this dress. Completely unexpecting the back to be like that. WOW. You are just do good. I am glad you are doing this. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Kis ügyi-bügyi! :)

DiKey said...

Köszi-Möszi, Andus-Mandus!

DiKey said...

Dear Milroyduo!
If you come over, I will show you some more!:)))

Anonymous said...

hi kathy