Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everyday solutions. Mindennapos megoldasok.

                                        Everyday solutions.

Making your wardrobe versatile so you can adapt a piece to be worn in the middle of the day, late afternoon and evening. is how you, and everyone else can cut corners, and re-use the pieces you have. Now, you have  variety, and something different for every time of the day.  I made this outfit, and was able to use the skirt more then one time, by making  two different  tops from the same fabric to mach the skirt.  
Mixing  and matching  colors, &  fabrics,  as well as an assortment of different necklines, can give you a unique look each time you dress. It is so easy.  The first has a beaded neckline with shear sleeves for an evening occasion, and the second, a low cut v shaped neckline for a daytime look.    

Mindennnapos megoldasok.

    Hogy cserelheto es felhasznalhato legyen ruhadarabjaink a nap minden orajaban, napkozben, kora delutan, es este is, figyelembe kell vennunk a stilusokat, anyagok varialasi lehetoseget . Itt mutatok egy lehetoseget ezzel a darabbal.  Mikor ezt a ruhat terveztem, ket felsot is keszitettem hozza. Az egyik alkalmi hasznalatra atlatszo ujjal es gyongyozott nyakresszel, majd a mindennapos valrozatara csak egyszeru sima v nyakat vagtam neki a kivul aljas bluzhoz.

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