Monday, March 17, 2014

Red. Piros.

This winter is really long. I'm so exited when the sun is getting out and starting to melt the snow. The dresses are bringing closer the spring, and the colors are  getting more exiting to see,  then ever before. The layered look is still going to be in style for this season.

Ez a tel nagyon hosszu. Teljesen lazban vagyok mikor vegre elobujik a nap a felhok mogul, es olvadni kezd a ho. Ugy tunok a ruhak elorebb hozzak a tavaszt,  a szinek meg meginkabb surgetik a jo idot!  A reteges darabok meg mindig stilusosak maradnak ebben a szezonban is.


L Diluent said...

I love red especially that red. Beautiful. :)

Kathy said...

L Diluent!
Yes, it is a gorgeous red, thank you! :)

MrsSame said...

Szerelem első látásra!