Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kristal's gown. Krisztal ruhaja.

"This is  the dress, I would never pick from the rack", said Kristal, when her friends presented to her, as a joke, to try it on. They where laughing and carry on, while she was putting on the dress, in the dressing room. When she's emerged, they stopped, and just stared at her in disbelief! Beautiful!!! Fits her personality  perfectly!

" Ez az a ruha, amit sosem valasztanek" mondta Krisztal mikor baratnoi vittek neki ezt a ruhat viccelodesbol,hogy probalja fel. A lanyok nevetgeltek, szorakoztak, amig O felvette a ruhat a probafulkeben, es megjelent elottuk! Mindenki szava elalt a csodalkozastol! Gyonyoru!!! Teljesen megegyezik a menyasszony szemelyisegevel!

Layer after layer adds a unique skirt to the beaded top.

Reteg, reteg utan alkot egy kulonleges megjelenesu szoknyareszt a gyongyozott felsohoz.

Skirt mimics the soft feathers of a swan.

A szoknya utanozza a konnyu tollazatat a hattyunak.


g.satansbraten said...

Yea, it's rather common, that 'Certain Things' one would never eeever pick by own accord finally even look better than the ones one considers more 'mine'.
That's why I tend to aaalways incorporate at least ONE item I wouldn't have opted for beforehand and guess what: I own quite some of them due to this rule.

LG, Gerlinde

I think it's a dream version of a dress!

MrsYarnart said...

tényleg olyan ez a ruha, mint egy elegáns, légies, karcsú hattyú :)